2013 painting

I didn’t paint a single 40k figure in 2013, nothing but Warmachine and Bones. After the newbie tournament at the end of 2012, my next step was a squad of Exemplar Errants, the UA, and a Revenger from Comics. They’re nice plastics, but they weren’t particular fun to assemble – the shoulder pegs didn’t fit, nor did the crossbow pegs in the hands. The metal UA is also 15% taller than the plastics, so it looks pretty silly at times.

2014-02-11 23.33.03
2014-02-11 23.33.23
2014-02-11 23.27.32

For Tagcon, I ordered from Defiant Severius, the Covenant, and Vassals. The dark-haired vassal has sculpted putty hair and a repositioned head.

2014-02-11 23.34.56
2014-02-11 23.35.13
2014-02-11 23.36.38

Tagcon won me eEiryss (unassembled as of now) and eSev (which didn’t get painted until 2014), and I picked up a Redeemer and Nicia. Note that the redeemer arm is a scratchbuild from Dakkajet bombs, since I’m not a fan of the base one.

2014-02-11 23.38.05

For Cavcon I had to find five points of filler in a hurry, so some of the Cinerators from the two-player starter got done. God these are great miniatures, it’s a shame they’re just not that good in play. I think I’ll use them in a Vindictus list.

2014-02-11 23.30.18

Later in the year, aiming for Conquest, I ordered the Avatar, Zealots+UA, Gorman, Rhupert, Wracks (unpainted but done with jeweller’s chain), and a Hierophant, and picked up a Reckoner kit from Comics.

2014-02-11 23.38.57
2014-02-11 23.39.14
2014-02-11 23.30.34
2014-02-11 23.39.27
2014-02-11 23.31.08

And a bonus Avatar with Gaze of Menoth running:

2014-02-11 23.40.12