2014 slow grow league

There’s a Warmachine journeyman league happening at the local club, and I decided to play the alt Menoth battlegroup – the idea is that it’ll get me down to the club to play more often, and I’ll get a bunch of stuff for my existing army painted up instead of starting something new. The alternate box is Feora, Dervish, Repenter, Guardian – I have a Repenter from the two-player battlebox painted already, and I acquired the rest. Discount Games is pretty fast shipping – it took roughly 10 days to reach Christchurch from Idaho.

The current state of the battlegroup:

2014-02-11 23.04.33

Week one painting was the Dervish:

2014-02-11 23.10.03

Week two was Feora herself:

2014-02-11 23.10.42

Week three will be the Guardian:

2014-02-11 23.06.19