2013 painting

I didn’t paint a single 40k figure in 2013, nothing but Warmachine and Bones. After the newbie tournament at the end of 2012, my next step was a squad of Exemplar Errants, the UA, and a Revenger from Comics. They’re nice plastics, but they weren’t particular fun to assemble – the shoulder pegs didn’t fit, nor did the crossbow pegs in the hands. The metal UA is also 15% taller than the plastics, so it looks pretty silly at times.

2014-02-11 23.33.03
2014-02-11 23.33.23
2014-02-11 23.27.32

For Tagcon, I ordered from Defiant Severius, the Covenant, and Vassals. The dark-haired vassal has sculpted putty hair and a repositioned head.

2014-02-11 23.34.56
2014-02-11 23.35.13
2014-02-11 23.36.38

Tagcon won me eEiryss (unassembled as of now) and eSev (which didn’t get painted until 2014), and I picked up a Redeemer and Nicia. Note that the redeemer arm is a scratchbuild from Dakkajet bombs, since I’m not a fan of the base one.

2014-02-11 23.38.05

For Cavcon I had to find five points of filler in a hurry, so some of the Cinerators from the two-player starter got done. God these are great miniatures, it’s a shame they’re just not that good in play. I think I’ll use them in a Vindictus list.

2014-02-11 23.30.18

Later in the year, aiming for Conquest, I ordered the Avatar, Zealots+UA, Gorman, Rhupert, Wracks (unpainted but done with jeweller’s chain), and a Hierophant, and picked up a Reckoner kit from Comics.

2014-02-11 23.38.57
2014-02-11 23.39.14
2014-02-11 23.30.34
2014-02-11 23.39.27
2014-02-11 23.31.08

And a bonus Avatar with Gaze of Menoth running:

2014-02-11 23.40.12

2014 slow grow league

There’s a Warmachine journeyman league happening at the local club, and I decided to play the alt Menoth battlegroup – the idea is that it’ll get me down to the club to play more often, and I’ll get a bunch of stuff for my existing army painted up instead of starting something new. The alternate box is Feora, Dervish, Repenter, Guardian – I have a Repenter from the two-player battlebox painted already, and I acquired the rest. Discount Games is pretty fast shipping – it took roughly 10 days to reach Christchurch from Idaho.

The current state of the battlegroup:

2014-02-11 23.04.33

Week one painting was the Dervish:

2014-02-11 23.10.03

Week two was Feora herself:

2014-02-11 23.10.42

Week three will be the Guardian:

2014-02-11 23.06.19

Painting for 2012

So here’s what got painted last year.

First up, my Menoth for Warmachine – I was aiming for a 25 pt newbie tournament in December, which was probably one of the first times I’ve ever painted models before playing with them. None of these are glued into a base yet, as I’d like to base them all consistently and I ran out of time for basing for the tournament. What I’d like to do is carve flagstones out of putty – it’ll be something different to the standard PVA + stand + flock my 40k models are using.

High Exemplar Kreoss


Choir of Menoth


Repenter light warjack


Revenger light warjack


Vigilant light warjack


Crusader heavy warjack


Vanquisher heavy warjack


I’m planning to have a 35pt army ready for Warclouds over Woolston in February.

The other stuff I painted this year was for 40k at Conquest – this was the first local tournament using 6th edition, so it was a nice chance to paint up some allies. My Tau have been sitting around for almost 11 years now, so they deserved it!

Dakkajet – this is a really wonderful kit. After cursing the the Privateer Press plastics, it was a dream to put this together. The base was another putty experiment.




Tau Crisis Suit commander and Fire Warriors


Hammerhead gunship


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