[..] due to the nature of your investigatory requirements and the irregularities in the 
Imperial Survey record of this dominion, our lectors have recommended
the use of Judge-Auditor Brecher's Arbites unit, which has worked with the Administratum
before on assignments of this nature when the compliance of the office of interest cannot 
be guaranteed. Provost-Marshall Fargo has seconded the unit to be placed under your seal [..]
[..] My interrogation and auditor logisters are ready for transport [..]
  ++ 2/502342/M41 Extract from report from the Adeptus Administratum to Procurator-Lord Benedict

[..] certainly odd to discover a purported monastery outside of our current records - I've tracked the request 
through certain old friends within the Ordos Dialogous, and they have been unable to
learn anything further, though the investigation there is continuing. Your intuition was right there,
my old friend. I have arranged for a small strike force to handle this under cover of the Ministorum - 
until we know more, it would be unwise to cause a stir in this. Perhaps you can arrange some other 
cover either from the Guard or the Astartes - they'd make it much easier to handle this quietly if it
is as we suspect [..]
  ++ 2/531342/M41 Extract from private letter from Prioress Dorcas to Procurator-Lord Benedict ++
The strike cruiser Ark of Justice is in the area of your investigation - I have 
notified Castellan Vryonis to rendezvous with your craft in the meteor fields 
in the outskirts of the Creideas system. Castellan Vryonis has just completed a 
campaign against xenos raiders in the Sirronis system - he has recent experience
purging sources of psychic emanations and will have no trouble dealing with the minor
infestation you have described.  
 +++ 9/544342/M41 Transmission from Marshall Khell of the Black Templars to Procurator-Lord Benedict +++
[..] I must protest at the implied focus of the expedition - it is selfevident to me that
the most obvious, in fact the most dangerous threat to the stability of the Imperium - may it
endure forever under the eternal watch of the Ordos - is the described 'beacon' or 'enneagrammic focus' 
(as carefully recorded in volume XI of the attached taxonomy, in the words of Inquisitor-Lord D--, though 
my colleague Lacan disagrees with the classification of this variety of phenomenon, and I will 
pass on his analysis of the Chaldean seal implications as soon as they are complete)
- clearly focusing on minor bureaucratic tasks is irrelevant to this risk. I have arranged for
certain Ordos assets to be made available [...]
 +++ 2/577342/M41 Extract from private correspondence from Inquisitor Khavaren to Procurator-Lord Benedict

Expedition overview: 

Imperial Audit force under the command of Procurator-Lord Benedict of the Adeptus Administratum

Imperial Navy light cruiser 'Inscription of Holy Wrath'
- Procurator-Lord Benedict
-- retinue
- Lexigrapher Vitalian
-- Administratum investigation and audit team (~1000)
- Judge-Auditor Brecher
-- Adeptus Arbites squadron (~100)
- Inquisitor Khavaren
-- retinue and special resources
- Canoness Agia 
-- Adepta Soritoras Militant mission (~50)

Astartes strike cruiser 'Ark of Justice'
- Castellan Vryonis 
-- Black Templar fighting company (~50)
-- servitor support